Who is an ambassador?

A Green Information and Communication Technology Ambassador(GICTA) is a person whose main focus is to find out challenges facing the existing usage of ICT and how governments, corporate organizations, institutions, etc, can use ICT productively to be environmentally sound and resilient.

Become an ambassador

Get trained and certified by the African Academy for Green Information and Communication Technology (AAGICT). Start utilizing the acquired skills to promote the Green ICT concepts in your field.

Ambassador's Role?

At the end of the training, one should be able to do the following


Expected to specifically initiate and promote good practice of using computing resources efficiently to achieve economic viability, as well as improve system performance and use, abiding by the digital ethical and social codes.


Expected to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of the technological actions. These will include the use of ICT in an optimal way, in order to avoid wastage of energy and other resources, in a sustainable manner that will ensure regeneration, without compromising the ecosystem.


Expected to create awareness and enable various institutions, government agencies, corporations, and non-state actors, be able to measure, evaluate, and adopt green ICT solutions to make them more vibrant in the service sectors.

Sustainable Development Goals

Expected to play a key role in aligning its services to help achieve SDG number 9, which seeks to increase access to ICT and strive to provide universal and affordable access to Internet in the LDCs (least-developed countries).

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